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Food-Tek Chain Oil AF

A food grade, synthetic high temperature chain lubricant, with excellent anti-fling (AF) characteristics and wear resistance for the food, beverage pharmaceutical and other clean industries

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  • NSF H1 registered Safe to use where incidental food contact may occur.
  • Thermally stable extends life at higher temperatures up to +200°c
  • Synthetic base fluid Long life, extended wet life of lubricant
  • Penetrates links and pins
  • Extends chain life, lowers wear
  • Excellent adhesion, completely water resistant
  • High Viscosity Index retains viscosity at higher temperatures

Product Description

Chain Oil AF is a premium quality food grade synthetic chain lubricant for all chain types in all applications, including high temperatures.
The synthetic base fluid helps to increase the wet life of the product and to increase the life of the chain.
Chain Oil AF can be used in high temperature baking ovens along with other high temperature applications in industry.


All chain types in the food industry, bakery ovens, high temperature ovens and kilns, paint and powder coating overhead chains.

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