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Maintenance Aerosols


Foam Cleaner Aerosol

Fast Drying Anti-Static Cleaner

Indu-Tek Copper-Ease Spray

High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound

Indu-Tek Dry Moly Coating Spray

A premium dry film lubricant, leaving a Molybdenum Disulphide coating in place for high loads in Assembly, Industrial, & Mining Applications

Indu-Tek Multi-Clean Spray

A Fast Drying, Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser, extremely versatile aerosol spray for use in industrial, Offshore, Construction & Mining applications

Indu-Tek Multi-Lube TF Spray

A superior, multi-purpose, extremely versatile aerosol spray fortified with PTFE for use in industrial, Offshore, Construction & Mining applications.

Indu-Tek Penetrating Release Spray

Industrial Grade Water Displacing Light Lubricant & Penetrant

Indu-Tek Spray Grease

A Non-Toxic, Synthetic, Tacky, Water Resistant, High Temperature Aerosol Spray Grease suitable for Industrial Applications.

Permian WR Chain Spray

A premium quality, highly adhesive, waterproof, anti-fling, wear resistant Chain Spray for Industrial, Automotive, Mining & Construction Applications

Ultra-Tek PFPE Ultra Aerosol

PFPE Ultra Aerosol is a premium quality, perfluorinated multi-purpose lubricant developed for applications requiring low friction, nonflammability, wide temperature range, and extremely long lubricating intervals.