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GRS6 Cleaner

Low hazard Degreaser, Cleaner & Flushing Agent for Valves used in the Oil & Gas Industry

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  • Highly effective on many contaminants
  • Does not contain Hydrocarbon Solvents
  • Does not contain Aromatic, Fluorinated, or Chlorinated Solvents
  • Mild odour
  • Has excellent degreasing, cleaning & flushing properties
  • Fast acting & Cost effective
  • Bio-Degradable

Product Description

GRS6 Cleaner was specifically developed to remove, clean & flush Hydrocarbon Resistant Greases & Oils like Valve Lubricant GRS6. Due to the nature of Valve Lubricant GRS6 it is naturally difficult to remove with common cleaning solvents during Service & Maintenance. GRS6 Cleaner is a fast acting Environmentally Responsible Cleaner/ Degreaser. It is a synergistic blend of Bio-Degradable Oxygenated Solvents with a low odour and slow evaporation rate.


  • Cleaning and degreasing of Valves during Maintenance & Repair
  • Effective as a Flushing Agent during In-Situ Maintenance
  • Cleaning Tools & Equipment
  • Degreasing of Metal Components, Bearings, Threads, Couplings etc.
  • Effective for many other types of Cold Cleaning Applications including Oil, Grease, Printing Ink, Thermal Transfer Pigment, Wet Paint and many uncured Adhesives, Glues & Sealants.

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