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Indu-Tek Aluminium Anti-Seize

A Premium Quality Copper & Lead Free Anti-Seize Compound and Pre-Assembly / Thread Compound

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  • Prevents Seizure & Galling saving manpower & downtime
  • Threaded components can be secured uniformly with optimum torque
  • Temp range - Any - sub-zero to 1100°C
  • Offers Long-term protection
  • High Solid Content allows optimum performance

Product Description

Aluminium Anti-Seize is ideally suited for applications where products containing copper are lead are unsuitable. For example, Lead must be excluded from possible contact with foodstuffs and potable liquids, and copper can be Electrically or Chemically active.
Aluminium Anti-Seize is an Ant-Seize Assembly Compound and a highly effective thread lubricant. It contains finely divided lamellar particles of Aluminium together with miconised talc & graphite, compounded with a nonmelting bentone base grease.
A coating of Aluminium Anti-Seize gives lengthy protection against galling, corrosion, rusting and seizure in the most arduous conditions and exposure to high temperatures.


Use on all studs, nuts, bolts and other threaded connections, including turbine casing studs, burner nozzles, all boiler inspections points and furnace bolts.
It is particularly suited for use with chemicals that may react with copper, such as ammonia refrigerators etc.

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