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Indu-Tek Dry Moly Coating Spray

A premium dry film lubricant, leaving a Molybdenum Disulphide coating in place for high loads in Assembly, Industrial, & Mining Applications

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  • Fast bonding and drying ready to use immediately
  • Fully water resistant extends component life and protects against corrosion
  • Dry Film Protects against dust & dirt pick up and abrasion
  • Excellent wear and load resistance extends component life

Product Description

Dry Moly Coating Spray is a premium quality dry film lubricant, for use in all areas where a high load, dry coated surface is required to eliminate dust and dirt pick up and abrasion.
Dry Moly Coating Spray utilises bonding agents to stick to the component surface and has very good resistance to water, it will protect components against corrosion in humid and wet conditions.


Chains, slideways and gears, all sliding surfaces operating in dry, dusty and abrasive conditions. Also use in areas where conventional ŇwetÓ oils and greases cannot be used. Ideal as pre-treatment for bolts & to give a consistent torque

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