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Indu-Tek Multi-Lube Extreme

A superior synthetic, multi-purpose, extremely versatile oil fortified with PTFE for use in industrial, Offshore, Construction & Mining applications

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  • Fully Synthetic base oil, extends wet life of lubricant
  • Excellent penetrating properties frees-up corroded nuts, bolts and threads
  • Contains PTFE for unrivalled wear resistance
  • Truly multifunctional can replace many workshop products
  • Excellent thin film coating protects against fretting corrosion, wear and squeaks
  • Removes moisture and water prevents components form corroding Wide temperature range -40°c to +170°c

Product Description

Multi-Lube Xtreme is a premium quality extremely versatile lubricant fortified with a stable suspension of PTFE (commonly known as Teflon) to give superior friction reduction and load carrying characteristics. It is designed to penetrate chains, wire ropes, threads, internal components etc.
Multi-lube Xtreme has anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation additives and a carrier fluid, which, when evaporated, leaves behind a durable lubricating film that protects against corrosion and reduces wear and friction. This non-stick PTFE based film repels water, dust and other contaminants.


Suitable for all types of chains, bearings, sliding surfaces, open lubrication points on equipment & machinery including those under high loads.
Prevents internal corrosion on chains, wire ropes etc, resists water wash off and protects against contaminants, dust, dirt etc.
As a general maintenance product it cleans, protects, displaces water, and lubricates all surfaces and components.

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