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Indu-Tek Penetrating Release Spray

Industrial Grade Water Displacing Light Lubricant & Penetrant

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  • A truly Universal Product with a multitude of uses
  • Powerful, fast acting, penetrating properties
  • Provides efficient loosening of parts when seized due to rust, scale, dirt or grime
  • Wide temperature range -10°C to + 110°C
  • Contains Lanolin for added Rust Prevention
  • Displaces & Resists Water
  • Aids Assembly
  • Fitted with the Dual Action “Smart Straw”

Product Description

Indu-Tek Penetrating Release Spray is a Premium Quality Lubricating Spray developed for dewatering and lubricating components. It is a powerful, fast and effective release agent with exceptional penetrating properties to help release corroded or seized threads and components. It is enhanced with lanolin ”wool wax” which leaves a durable film once applied for added protection & to combat corrosion.


Industrial: Dewatering on all components, release agent for fasteners, general purpose light lubricant

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