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Indu-Tek Weld Pro BN Aerosol

A powerful, fast drying, ceramic coating aerosol spray to protect welding equipment and consumables

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  • Greatly increases welding time improved productivity.
  • Fast drying saves time
  • Excellent adhesion consumables last longer
  • Ceramic protective coating reduced cleaning time
  • Low daily cost increases profitability
  • Protects work pieces increases productivity
  • Protects tips and nozzles lowers production costs
  • Keeps shroud clean higher quality weld

Product Description

Weld-Pro BN Spray is a premium quality ceramic coating spray designed to preserve and protect welding equipment and consumables against damage caused by weld spatter.
Weld-Pro BN Spray is exceptionally fast drying, long lasting and extremely durable. It will increase productivity whilst considerably increasing the life of welding equipment, jig and fittings as well as the components being manufactured


Protection of Shrouds, welding nozzles and contact tips, jigs, fixtures and fittings, work pieces, etc

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