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Permian WR Chain Spray

A premium quality, highly adhesive, waterproof, anti-fling, wear resistant Chain Spray for Industrial, Automotive, Mining & Construction Applications

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  • Highly refined base oil long life, extending wet life of lubricant
  • Excellent-penetrating properties frees up corroded nuts, bolts and threads
  • Excellent Adhesion - Will not fling, reduces lubricant usage
  • Easy to use Handy Aerosol Spray
  • Removes moisture and water prevents components from corroding
  • Wide temperature range -10°c to +160°c

Product Description

Permian WR Chain Spray is a premium quality specially formulated chain lubricant for all chains, especially those under high load or in wet or aggressiveenvironments.
Permian WR Chain Spray is specially blended to give excellent adhesion to surfaces and is hydrophobic ensuring outstanding resistance to water wash off in saturated and aggressive applications.
Permian WR Chain Spray has superb non drip and anti fling characteristics making it ideal for heavily loaded slow moving chains or high speed chains.


Suitable for all types of chains, conveyor systems, especially saturated chains, water & utility sector applications, steel industry, and salt water application. It is also ideal for motorcycle, fork-truck chains etc.

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