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Ultra-Tek PFPE Ultra M Grease

A Premium quality, perfluorinated polyether grease thickened with PTFE & MOS2. This is the most advanced lubrication technology available.

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  • Excellent Oxidation stability ensures prolonged lubrication intervals at high temperature.
  • Will not carbonise at high temperatures Inert to most materials will not degrade most rubbers, plastics and painted surfaces
  • Extremely resistant to chemicals and suitable for use in the presence of oxygen
  • Anti-wear Additives including MOS2 provide saving on component costs

Product Description

Ultra-Tek PFPE Ultra M Grease has exceptional stability ensuring long term lubrication characteristics even when used at constant high temperature up to 280°C. PFPE Ultra with Moly is provides unrivalled load bearing characteristics and allows a film of solid lubricant to be left behind even when operating at exceptionally high temps i.e. 300°C and above for sustained periods of time. PFPE Ultra with Moly is suitable grease for "Lubrication for Life" applications.


Ultra-Tek PFPE Ultra M Grease is suitable for all high loaded plain and anti-friction bearings, bushes, slides and guides. It is also suitable for acidic and corrosive applications, all heavy duty and high temperature grease applications.
Ultra-Tek PFPE Ultra M Grease is also suitable for rubber and plastic lubrication applications as a lubricant, assembly aid.
Ultra-Tek PFPE Ultra M Grease is non-flammable, chemically & bio-logically inert making it ideal for mining, rail, aerospace, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industries etc

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