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Valve Lubricant GRS6

Fully Synthetic Grease Compound specifically developed for the Lubricating & Sealing of Gate Valves

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  • Seals & Protects against aggressive Chemicals & Hydrocarbons etc.
  • Good Operating temp range -20°F - 350°F
  • Seals even at High Oil/Gas Well Pressure
  • Improves reliability of Valves
  • Elongates life of components
  • Long-Life application & extends relubrication periods

Product Description

Valve Lubricant GRS6 is a fully synthetic lubricating compound that delivers excellent performance in sealing & lubricating Valves used in the Oils & Gas Industry. It is specifically formulated to provide optimum resistance to aggressive hydrocarbons, liquids, gases & process chemicals.


Valve Lubricant GRS6 is proven to provide long term protection, excellent sealing properties, protecting Valves from aggressive materials therefore extended repair intervals and reducing downtime & costs.

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