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WD Penetrating Release Fluid

Industrial Grade Water Displacing Light Lubricant & Penetrant

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  • A truly Universal Product with a multitude of uses
  • Powerful, fast acting, penetrating properties
  • Provides efficient loosening of parts when seized due to rust, scale, dirt or grime
  • Wide temperature range -10°C to + 110°C
  • Contains Lanolin for added Rust Prevention
  • Displaces & Resists Water
  • Aids Assembly
  • Comes in Handy, Refillable, Economical “Trigger Sprays”
  • Environmental friendly – 100% refillable bottles

Product Description

WD Penetrating Release Fluid is a Premium Quality Lubricating Fluid developed for dewatering and lubricating components. It is a powerful, fast and effective release agent with exceptional penetrating properties to help release corroded or seized threads and components. It is enhanced with lanolin ”wool wax” which leaves a durable film once applied for added protection & to combat corrosion.


WD Penetrating Release Fluid is ideal for use removing moisture from equipment, electronics, bearings, chains, open lubrication points. The strong penetrating action and ability to drive our moisture makes it an excellent release agent and light lubricant for use on open lubrication points. The addition of lanolin makes it ideal as a short/ medium term rust preventative. Like other common Water Displacing “WD” products. WD Penetrating Release Fluid has uses and applications for too numerous to list. It is the ideal Multi- Use product for your tool box whether it be in the Factory, Home or for Sports & Recreation.

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