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A Fully Synthetic extremely versatile Bio-Degradable Maintenance Lubricant fortified with a stable suspension of sub-micron PTFE

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  • Fully Synthetic base oil, extends wet life of lubricant
  • Excellent penetrating properties frees-up corroded nuts, bolts and threads
  • Contains sub-micron polarised PTFE for unrivalled wear resistance
  • Excellent thin film coating protects against fretting corrosion, wear and squeaks
  • Removes moisture and water prevents components from corroding
  • Suitable for automatic lubrication systems
  • Safe for use on metals, most plastics and electrical equipment
  • Sub-Zero to High Temperature performance -39°c to + 280°c
  • Readily Biodegradable

Product Description

Bio-Lube is specially formulated to overcome the environmental concern, of long term potentially harmful ecological effects of mineral based oils used in open lubricant applications, particularly in the rail, agricultural, forestry, horticultural and water industries.

Bio-Lube is formulated with a top tier synthetic ester biodegradable base oil and a stable colloidal suspension of PTFE (commonly known as Teflon). In addition to PTFE, Bio-Lube contains anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation additives in a bio-degradable solvent/ oil carrier. Once applied, the solvent component will gently evaporate leaving a protective lubricating film which will reduce wear & friction. Bio-Lube prevents internal corrosion, resists water wash off and protects against contaminants, dust, dirt etc. As a general maintenance product, it cleans, protects, displaces water, and lubricates surfaces and components.


Suitable for all types of Chains, Wire Ropes, Sliding Surfaces & Open Lubrication Points on equipment & machinery used in environmentally sensitive areas.

This product is particularly suitable for mechanisms in the Rail Network, Wastewater Treatment, Docks & Shipping, Offshore & Renewable Energy & Utility Sectors.

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